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Tell us your marketing goals and Warkk will create a campaign to directly reach your customers in the physical world.

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Why Warkk Ads

Engage Your Customers

Your customers are out there. Our team of promoters can target the right audience and engage them in a dialogue about your brand.

Ideal for Any Business

Anyone can advertise with Warkk for as low as £10. You can set daily limits to ensure you never spend more than you need.

Leave an Impression

Humans recall personal interactions better than seeing ads. Your brand can leave a memory – we make sure it's a good one!

How Warkk Ads Work


Define Your Goals

Tell us about the demographics you are trying to reach and your marketing objectives.

Warkk will help you select the best location and times to run your promotion.

Set your maximum daily spend or objectives to ensure you do not exceed your budget.


Start Your Promotion

After you submit your campaign, we will manually review it before launching your promotion.

Warkk will automatically choose the most suitable people to promote your business.

You can fine-tune your campaign settings at any time while it is running.


See the Results

View your campaign performance in real-time.

Unlike digital ads, people might redeem your offer after the promotion ends. Warkk never stops tracking your ad effectiveness.

Experiment with different marketing strategies to engage your customers.

Use Cases

Small Businesses

Whether you are opening a new bar, fitness centre, or run a promotion at your restaurant, we can help people in your area notice you.


Acquiring the first customers in a new location is never easy. Warkk is ideal for testing your product in new markets.

Exhibitions & Roadshows

Going on the roads? Warkk can offer you a whole team of promoters to help engage the exhibition visitors.

Featured in

Y Combinator Startup School

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